Transforming Your Body and Eating Story

This guided meditation program consists of six weekly one-hour skype sessions. Tarika will personally guide you through this series of guided meditations to transform how you feel about your body and food in a loving way. As feelings of guilt and shame clear, you connect with your intuitive body wisdom, so it becomes easy to determine what you need.


Making Healthy Food Choices in Any Situation

This series of guided meditations enables you to make healthy food choices in everyday and challenging food situations, so that you can maintain your weight naturally without dieting or depriving yourself.



6-Day Guided Detox

Tarika will create a customized detox program for you, making supplement and lifestyle recommendations giving you a jump start and a new platform to create healthier habits.


Meditation Nutritional Coaching

Book one session at a time. Bring a specific food issue or have Tarika identify and address your food and body image challenges as she guides you through a meditation and gives you the tools to achieve your healthy eating goals.