Success Stories


“I have tried dozens of weight loss programs in North America, but was never able to maintain my weight until I participated in the Venus weight loss program. Tarika has been a crucial part of my ongoing health maintenance for over five years and has become a trusted friend and advocate of my personal well-being.”

Christina Smith, Marin County

“Tarika is an expert in her field! She makes losing weight almost delightful with her sharp intelligence, her deep understanding of the mind and emotions, her loving heart and her great sense of humor.”

Adrianna Bowman, San Francisco

“Tarika’s meditations changed how I live my life. It changed my attitude towards food and how I feel about myself. In learning about different foods and how to prepare them, my palate has become more sophisticated. Eating non-processed food made me feel healthier from the inside out. With this came greater self-confidence. A year later I’m successfully maintaining my weight at 125 lbs and living with my new way of eating….so fabulous!”

Beth Mersky, Marin County

“Tarika embodies the perfect blend of professional skill, personal attention, and a deep understanding of the therapeutic modalities she uses. I recommend her to anyone seeking a guide to better health and a more joyful life.”

Kaymaria Daskarolis, East Bay

“I’ve tried numerous diets over the past 20 years, constantly trying to lose those “extra pounds”, but usually gaining even more weight than before, feeling hopeless, desperate and a failure. Tarika’s meditations provided a missing key for me. Instead of falling victim to my cravings for sweets, I’ve found a balanced way of eating that satisfies me. I have new confidence in myself, knowing that I can easily find healthy foods that I enjoy. My clothes fit me again, and I can see that I’m becoming healthier and more beautiful everyday.”

Annette Hisge, Germany