Freedom From Emotional Eating

Freedom From Emotional Eating includes six weekly sessions, six guided meditations and the Freedom From Emotional Eating Guidebook. Offered over the phone worldwide or live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Body Beautiful Buddy Program

Take advantage of our buddy support system. Have Tarika present Venus Body Beautiful to a groups of friends in the comfort of your home, or email your request so that we can schedule a Buddy program for you.

Number of Buddies

Living Health Six-Month Program

Change your life. Receive Tarika’s undivided attention, giving you nutritional guidance, while supporting and empowering you to find balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. Bi-weekly sessions enable you to implement changes that are lasting and fulfilling.

Payment options

Living Body Beautiful- Module Two

As you begin to stabilize in a healthy rhythm of eating take this next step. Integrate your transformation so that you have the body you desire for life and never go back to your old ways of eating. Become more in tune with your body wisdom, so that you can transition from following a food plan to feeling empowered by making healthy choices moment to moment.

Living Body Beautiful is offered as a series of six bi-weekly sessions over a period of 12 weeks, scheduled at your convenience.

Individual or Buddy

Ongoing Meditation Nutritional Counseling
Need ongoing support to establish your new way of living? Receive sessions when you need them. I’m here to help you!:-)