Does Eating Healthy Feel Like a Hopeless Never-Ending Battle?

Do you keep falling back into unhealthy eating habits, no matter how hard you try to lose weight? Do you want to give up trying after every binge? Does it seem like you’ll never change?

Don’t give up! Let me help you!

Sometimes our destructive habits peak, before we’re ready to change. You may find yourself eating for days on end, feeling sick to your stomach, before you connect with the compassion and strength to create the body and life you truly desire.

My success came in spurts at first. I spent many nights overeating, realizing I wasn’t even enjoying it, before I learned to enjoy foods that were right for my body (in reasonable amounts!) and find fulfilling ways to satisfy my needs.

I’d eat well for a few days, or a couple of weeks, and then binge, eating up to 3,000 calories in one siting. I’d wake up the next morning wanting to crawl out of my skin, I felt so ashamed, bloated, and disgusted with myself. I’d promise myself never to do it again, but then each night I’d come home depleted, lonely, and craving.

Thankfully overeating began to lose its allure. Stuffing myself and gaining weight became so painful, it was destroying my work and social life. I grew tired of it. Shopping, cooking, eating, chewing, swallowing, doing dishes, feeling sick to my stomach, and hating myself for it, and then forcing myself to exercise off my nightly binges, was more work than pleasure.

I remember the last week of binging as if it was yesterday. I learned to be caring and compassionate with myself. I’d caress my hips and thighs, realizing they were part of me. I started to embrace the insatiable monster, the part that can’t stop eating, that I had feared my entire life. I found practical ways to get back on track.

No matter how many times I binged, I focused on my healthy eating goals, forgave myself, went for a walk, listened to a meditation, or took a hot shower- whatever I needed to feel cared for, and loved.

It’s natural to fall back into old habits when you’re cultivating a new relationship with your body and food. Be patient with yourself. Don’t expect to change a lifetime of unhealthy habits in a few weeks. If it happens quickly GREAT! But if after doing well, you find yourself binging on potato chips and ice cream, find creative ways to pick yourself up and choose wisely at your next meal! I’m here to guide you, so that you too, can find what works for you, and have the body and life you want.

With compassion,

Tarika Lovegarden.


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