Tarika Lovegarden’s Meditations are at the heart of our programs. They enable you to break old habits and make healthy food choices from loving care, rather than control and deprivation. By connecting to your inner strengths and soul, the changes you make are sustainable and fulfilling.


Tarika Lovegarden’s identified the most pertinent food issues. Her 15-20 minute guided meditations address each one thoroughly, taking you through her step by step process, so that you can make enjoyable, satisfying food choices, and have a healthy, beautiful body. Each meditation is accompanied by original musical score by acclaimed Vibhas Kendzia.


Tarika Lovegarden’s Meditations help you

  • Receive nourishment from food, so that you feel satisfied.
  • Break unhealthy habits like finishing the food on your plate, or eating more than your body needs, so that you can stop eating when you need to.
  • Lose and maintain your weight naturally, without control or deprivation.
  • Connect you with your body wisdom, so that you know what your body needs to feel nourished and energized.
  • Find healthy, satisfying, fulfilling ways to respond to your cravings.
  • Have the clarity and strength to make healthy food choices that give you the body and life you truly desire.
  • Connect you with your inner strengths and soul, so that healthy eating becomes pleasurable and rewarding.
  • Bring balance and harmony to all aspects of your life.
  • Transform your emotions around food, and how you feel about your body in a loving way, dissolving feelings of guilt and shame.


Would you like a free mindful eating meditation?

Send us an email with your request for a free meditation and we’ll send you a link to download our most recent guided meditation.


“After the meditation, I noticed my craving wasn’t as strong. Truthfully, I think my body/mind needed a rest and the meditation helped me slow down and de-stress. I did not buy Sugar Babies. Instead I went home and had a moderate portion of my favorite salty snack food, so that I could stay on my food plan. I didn’t even need to skip dinner to compensate for the sugar babies. Tarika’s meditations are like mini vacations.”

Linda Harmon, Minnesota